Mobily Java Interview Questions.

Experience  Level - 3 Years.
Location - Bangalore.
Date -  May 2018.

1st Telephonic (HR Queries) 
  1. Current Company?
  2. Payroll Company?
  3. Last working day in current company?
  4. Why Mobily?
  5. Current CTC?
  6. Expected CTC?
  7. Any Offer letter? Yes
  8. From which company?
  9. Package?
  10. Joining date? 
  11. Last Hike percentage?
  12. Where are you from?
  13. Where are you staying?
  14. Have you worked on Java?, Spring?, JDBC?, Hibernate?
2nd Technical Round (Telephonic, Same Day)
  1. Tell me briefly about yourself.
  2. Difference between overloading and overriding?
  3. Main concept of oops.
  4. Java 7 features.
  5. Java 8 features, Lambda Expressions aware?
  6. Why main method is static?
  7. Can we override main method?
  8. Difference between path and classpath?
  9. What is static import?
  10. How to execute jar?
  11. Ways to create threads other than 2 ways?
  12. Concurrency package?
  13. What is java reflection api?
  14. How many ways are there to create object?
  15. Difference between interface and abstract class.
  16. try  block without catch and finally block are possible or not?
  17. In try block a return statement is there, after try catch and finally is there, so after return of try what are the things to be executed?
  18. Difference between wait and notify?
  19. Explain wait with two threads accessing same code.
  20. What is synchronization?
  21. Types of drivers in JDBC?
  22. Difference between statement and  prepared statement, callable statement?
  23. Difference between forward and send redirect?
  24. How to find 2nd highest salary in database query?
  25. Two tables A and B are  there, I need matching data of A and B and whole data of B, How to use join in this case?
  26. Xml SAX and DOM parser difference.
  27. What do you know about unix?
  28. Why Mobily?
  29. How many types of class loaders are there?
  30. How are equals methods and hashcode working in case of collections.
  31. What is marker interface?
  32. What is singleton?
  33. What are design patterns?
  34. What is immutable class?
  35. How to create immutable class?
  36. Method overriding rules in context of throwing exceptions.
  37. Can outer class be static?
  38. Can you explain your last project?
  39. How are you getting work?
  40. Which SDLC you used in your project?
  41. When are you interacting with clients?
  42. You were involved in architecture also or just in development?
  43. Which collection you used in your project?
  44. My Requirement is to store the elements in sorted order, which collection we need to use?
  45. How to access the elements of collection?
  46. What is composition?
  47. What is difference between heap and stack?
3rd Round 
Interviewer was Interacting from Onsite. 
I was sitting in Mobily Office Bangalore in presence of  Technical  Manager.
Project Round (3rd day)
  1. Where are you from?
  2. How are you getting your work?
  3. Which SDLC you are using?
  4. How are you solving your problem?
  5. How are you interacting with your client?
  6. Why are we using xml?
  7. What is difference between individual sql query and procedure?
  8. How are you testing and deploying your code?
4th Round Technical Face to Face (3rd day)
 Once Onsite Guy was done Then again Technical Manager started.
  1. Java versions?
  2. Java 7 features?
  3. Java 8 features? Lambda Expressions?
  4. What is difference between jar and war? Briefly explain.
  5. How to send the jars to others?
  6. How to migrate your java 1.7 project to java 1.8?
  7. Does recompilation is required in this migration?
  8. In tomcat where are you storing your classes jars?
  9. The biggest challenge you faced and how did you resolve it?
  10. How to know the total number of clicks for a particular jsps by different users?
  11. Write the singleton class?
  12. Difference between singleton and factory pattern?
  13. Design pattern.
  14. How garbage collection works?
  15. Any algorithm?Sweep and mark .
  16. Did you use multithreading concept in your project?
  17. Are you aware about Priority Queue?
  18. Which collection you used in your project?
    19. Self join
              Id name mgrid
               1    abc    
               2    bcd     1
               3    cde     2
          Required Output should be like
              Id name mgrname
               1   abc
               2   bcd      abc
               3   cde      bcd

     20. Deadlock Context
                 A->B                       B->A
                 A sync                  B sync
                Need B                    Need A
             How to resolve this deadlock?

     21. Explain it?
               String str1=”abc”;
               String str2=”abc”;
               String str3=new String(“sbc”);
           Among these three which will reside inside string constant pool and which will reside  
           inside heap?

5th Round Managerial  (6th day)
  1. Tell me briefly about yourself?
  2. Which SDLC you used in your project? Agile Scrum?
  3. Briefly explain about your current project?
  4. How do you deliver your project release?
      5.  Any questions you have to ask?
           Me - On which technology I am supposed to work here? 
           Technical Manager - Core Java, JDBC, Database, IBM tools.
Asked to wait for Technical Managerial Round.

6th Round - L3 Level Technical Round.(6th day)
For Different Team.
  1. Briefly Explain about your self.
  2. Explain the  Current Project?
  3. How do you rate yourself in core java?8/10.
  4. What is interface?
  5. What is abstraction?
  6. What is polymorphism?
  7. What is overloading?
  8. What is overriding?
  9. Can we override static method? Debate on this.
  10. What is inheritance?
  11. How many types of inheritance?
  12. What is multiple inheritance?
  13. Interface1 m1 Interface m2 method, Class A implements I1 and In2 then does it need to override both of the methods m1 and m2?
  14. What is thread?
  15. How to create threads?
  16. How to count no of thread executing?
  17. How to create 15 thread, do we need to write 15 time Thread th1=new Thread(),Thread th2=new  Thread(),……15 times ?Question of Thread pooling.
  18. What is exception?
  19. Types of Exception?
  20. What is Compile time exception and run time exception?
  21. What is difference between throw and throws?
  22. Are you aware about Database technology?Yes
  23. What is DDL and DML?
  24. What is Join?
  25. What is MVC framework?
  26. What is DAO ?
  27. What is your learning methodology i.e How do you learn the things?
  28. Assume as a manager I asked you to complete a task in perl within one day and I set the dead line for tomorrow?What will you do?
  29. How Immediately can you join to us?
  30. Why are you leaving previous company?
  31. Why Mobily?
7th HR Round (6th day).
  1. Any Negotiation Possible in Expected CTC? 

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