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Date : May - 2020 Mode : Hangout Video for theoretical question & CodeLite for coding  Interviewer - Ranjit Sah. 1. How do you rate yourself in java? 2. How good are you at data structure and algorithm. 3. What is Generics and why do we use it in collection? 4. Explain your roles and responsibility in the last projects. 5. There are couple of elements stored in doubly linked list, how to find the middle element. This doubly linked list is not the defined data structure in java collection so you can't use collection api.  6. We have a String str="lovelovexl" Write java code to return the index of first uniqu e character or return -1 if there is no any unique character in the given string. Solution: package string; import java.util.*; public class SenseForth { public static void main(String[] args) { String str="lovelovexl";          System.out.println(countChar(str)); } static int countChar(String str){         int value=0;         LinkedHashMap<

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Exp -(2-4) years. Date - May 2020 1st Round - Technical. Mode - Telephonic. Day - I Interviewer - Satyadeep Gaur We have  String str= "I am java developer"; How to print the words of this string in reverse order so that it should print developer java am I String str="I am java developer"; String obj[]=str.split(" "); for(int i=obj.length-1;i>=0;i--){    System.out.println(obj[i]); } How many times for loop in the above piece of code will execute. Answer - 5 What is the time complexity in the above code? Answer - O(n) How to minimize the loop iteration to make the time complexity as O(n/2)? We have a ArrayList containing a lot of elements, I want to find the duplicate elements, How to do that? We have a String str="Hello World", I want to print it after every 5 second? Explain the code to do this. What are oops features? I don't want definition.Explain all with coding work that you do on daily basis. What is singleton class? What is garbage

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Dated - May 2020 1st Round - HackerRank Test. Day - I   Question:  Java program for performing the arithmetic addition. Question:  Java program to implement deep cloning. Question: Arrange the Words A Sentence is defined as a string of space separated words that starts with a capital letter followed by lowercase letters and spaces, and ends with a period. That is, it satisfies the regular expression ^ [A-Z][a-z] *\.$. Rearrange the words in a sentence while respecting the following conditions. Each word is ordered by length, ascending. Words of equal length must appear in the same order as in the original sentence. The rearranged sentence must be formatted to satisfy the regular expression  ^ [A-Z][a-z] *\.$ Example 1. sentence= Cats and hats. Order the sentence  by word's length and keep the original order for the words with same length. Length 3: {and} Length 4: {Cats, hats} Example 2. Input: "The lines are printed in reverse order." Output: "In the are lines order

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Mode - Telephonic Date - April 2020 Experience - 3 years Interviewer - Mohak Gogri Tell me briefly about yourself. Explain all the projects that you have worked on. What are the differences between String , StringBuffer and StringBuilder? Why String is Immutable? What are the other immutable classes are there in java? How to make a user defined class Immutable? What are the access modifiers in java? What are the differences between ArrayList and LinkedList? In LinkedList there is a loop that 4th element is pointing to 1st or 2nd element, then how can we detect whether the loops are there or not in LinkedList stored data? In short the question is " How to detect a loop in LinkedList "? Explain the logic for prime number.for(int i=2;i<=n/2;i++) .Can you make it more efficient by making some changes in testing condition part of this existing code? What are the differences between Interface and Abstract class? If abstract class is there then what's the ne

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Experience - (2 - 4 Years). Technology Looking For - Javascript, PLSQL, Java.  First Round - Technical. Interviewer - Senior Consultant Mode of Interview - Telephonic(Duration: 0:40 hour). Day - I. 1. Tell me about yourself? 2. What are the SQL codes you are writing on daily basis? 3. Explain me some DDL & DML SQL codes. 4. What are the joins you have used in your work? 5. What are the differences between left outer join and full outer join? 6. How do you use SQL Inject in your project? 7. What is Views, and why to use it? 8. How will you use procedures? Explain it in detail what is procedures and what are it's components. 9. What are sub-queries and why to use it? 10. What are the differences between Truncate and Delete? 11. What are packages? 12. What are the functions? 13. Explain me the complete code of how did you use web services in your projects? 14. Which design patterns you have used? 15. How to inject SQL codes in java codes? 16. How did you use the Controller in

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RESTful Webservices Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions. Explain the code to Expose and consume RESTful services. Which tool did you use for verifying the Webservices codes, Postmen? What are the differences between Rest & Soap? What are the differences between GET, POST &DELETE? What are the differences between PathVariable & RequestBody annotations? What is jersey here? What do you understand  by Resources here in RESTful We bservices? Write Spring Hibernate & Rest Program to save and get Student details. create ta ble students(  id int not null,  name varchar(20) not null,  age int not null,  address char(25),  primary key(id) ); 

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Location - Bangalore. Mode - Telecon. Date - April 2020 Exp - 3 years. Interviewer - Shweta Chaurasia Tell me briefly about yourself, your last project and the technologies you worked on. Which functionality you worked on last in your project, and explain me how is the flow of this module works, how did you used all the technologies in your project? How did you used webservices in your project, tell me exact code. Did you use some tool to verify your webservices code, such as postman? What is difference between @Bean and @Component? What are the design patterns you have worked on in your project and where exactly? Are you aware about front controller design pattern, dispatcher servlet, how actually does this design pattern work? Which database system you used? What kind of codes you have written in database, like procedures? Have you worked on java 8 features? How do you see yourself in challenges or problem solving? What amount of codes you write on daily b