FieldEz Technologies Bangalore Java Developer Interview

Exp -(2-4) years.
Date - May 2020

1st Round - Technical.
Mode - Telephonic.
Day - I
Interviewer - Satyadeep Gaur
We have 
String str= "I am java developer";
How to print the words of this string in reverse order so that it should print developer java am I
String str="I am java developer";
String obj[]=str.split(" ");
for(int i=obj.length-1;i>=0;i--){

How many times for loop in the above piece of code will execute.
Answer - 5

What is the time complexity in the above code?
Answer - O(n)

How to minimize the loop iteration to make the time complexity as O(n/2)?

We have a ArrayList containing a lot of elements, I want to find the duplicate elements, How to do that?

We have a String str="Hello World", I want to print it after every 5 second? Explain the code to do this.

What are oops features? I don't want definition.Explain all with coding work that you do on daily basis.

What is singleton class?

What is garbage collection?

How to avoid jvm to call finalize method?

How many ways do we have to create the threads? discuss advantages and disadvantages of both the approaches.

What are the two types of thread are there?

What is Daemon Thread?

What is checked and unchecked exception, explain with examples?

When to use ArrayList and when to use Vector?

What is thread safety?

Among ArrayList and Vector which one is thread safe?

What is synchronization?

Explain the spring mvc flow.

What is dependency injection?

Are you comfortable in answering in Database?

What are procedures and triggers and events in database?

What's you expectation from us in terms of CTC?

2nd Round
Mode - Written Test(They sent pdf and asked the answer in Word over the mail)
Day - I+1

Section -1, Theory

What is the output of a and b in the below program?
public static void printVal(){
    int a=0,b=0;
    for(int i=0;i<5;i++){
        if(++a>2 || b>2){
Answer : a8b3

Question -2
Write the output for the below piece of code.
class A{
    public void abc(int q){
        Console.WriteLine("abc from A");
class B extends A{
    public void abc(double p){
        Console.WriteLine("abc from B");
class Test{
   public static void main(String args[ ]){
        int i=5;
        B b=new B();;
Answer : abc from A

Section -2 , Practical.
Laptop will be provided to you in order to carry out the activity for this section.

Question -1
Write a Spring Hibernate &  REST program to save and get student details.
create table students(
id int not null,
name varchar(20) not null,
age int not null,
address char(25),
primary key(id)
Question -2 
Print Triangle Pattern in java.

3rd Round,
Interviewer - Prinson Francis
Day - I+1

1. What's the reason you want to leave previous company?
2. What's the difference between Authentication and Authorization?
3. How does an authentication mechanism work?
4. What should we do for two factor authentication?
5. What kind of query are you using in Hibernate?
6. Among Jdbc and Hibernate which is more faster, Explain the why?
7. In Database also internal caching mechanism is there then what's different in Hibernate caching mechanism?
8. Where should we use Prototype in Spring and why?
9. Give me some real life instances where we use prototype?
10. In a table we have the information of vehicle's speed .
Every second somebody is pushing the data(vehicle's speed) every 5 second and the application has to display the average speed every minute. So what's your step, how will you implement this using Spring framework? you can use Scheduler.
11. How to find the names ending with A, tell me the sql query to find such user names stored in database table.


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