Synechron Bangalore Java Interview.

Location - Bangalore.
Mode - Telecon.
Date - April 2020
Exp - 3 years.
Interviewer - Shweta Chaurasia

Tell me briefly about yourself, your last project and the technologies you worked on.

Which functionality you worked on last in your project, and explain me how is the flow of this module works, how did you used all the technologies in your project?

How did you used webservices in your project, tell me exact code.

Did you use some tool to verify your webservices code, such as postman?

What is difference between @Bean and @Component?

What are the design patterns you have worked on in your project and where exactly?

Are you aware about front controller design pattern, dispatcher servlet, how actually does this design pattern work?

Which database system you used?

What kind of codes you have written in database, like procedures?

Have you worked on java 8 features?

How do you see yourself in challenges or problem solving?

What amount of codes you write on daily basis of work ?

How do you verify whether you have written the efficient code, did it ever happen that you have multiple solution for the solution, then how do pick one among all, how did you verify the efficiency of codes?

How to implement one-to-many mappings in Hibernate?

If we have written

    String str="Dhiraj";
How many string objects will be created here?
Where will this "str" will be created?

Have you idea about garbage collection?

How HashMap works internally? String str1="Dhiraj"; String str2="Dhiraj";String str3="Shweta Chaurasia"; Explain it how these data will be added to the collection?

What is difference between HashMap and Tree-map?

Which collection among HashMap and Tree-map can accept null?

Did you get any training  previously?

class Student{

   int sid;
   String name;
    //have constructors to initialize these props
Student st1=new Student(1,"Dhiraj");
Student st2=new Student(1,"Dhiraj");
Student st3=new Student(2,"Shweta");
We want the students to be added in HashMap based on the sid of the students, Explain the complete internal things happening and how these elements will be added or rejected.


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