Aris Global Java & PL/SQL Developer Interview (Mysore Bangalore)

Experience - (2 - 4 Years).
Technology Looking For - Javascript, PLSQL, Java. 

First Round - Technical.
Interviewer - Senior Consultant
Mode of Interview - Telephonic(Duration: 0:40 hour).
Day - I.

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. What are the SQL codes you are writing on daily basis?
3. Explain me some DDL & DML SQL codes.
4. What are the joins you have used in your work?
5. What are the differences between left outer join and full outer join?
6. How do you use SQL Inject in your project?
7. What is Views, and why to use it?
8. How will you use procedures? Explain it in detail what is procedures and what are it's components.
9. What are sub-queries and why to use it?
10. What are the differences between Truncate and Delete?
11. What are packages?
12. What are the functions?
13. Explain me the complete code of how did you use web services in your projects?
14. Which design patterns you have used?
15. How to inject SQL codes in java codes?
16. How did you use the Controller in your project?
17. Why to use self join?
18. Do you know how to use Data Migration?
19. How two threads can use the same object, explain me the complete code?
20. What is collection and which collection did you use?
21. Why to use Map?
22. What are the differences between HashMap and HashSet?
23. What is garbage collection in java?
24. Explain me the complete hierarchy of Collection.
25. Have you used JavaScript earlier?
26. What are the differences between Service tickets and feature tickets in jira?
27. What are git branches you were using in previous company?
28. How are you?
29. How are the days passing in lock-down?
30. From where are you arranging food items in such situation?

Second Round - Technical
Interviewer - Associate Team Lead
Mode -Telephonic.
Day - (I+7).

1. Tell me briefly about yourself.
2. What is garbage collection and how many types of garbage collection are there?
3. What are the java features?
4. What are oops features?Explain briefly all of them.
5. What is marker interface and what are its usage?
6. What are checked and unchecked exception and how to create that?
7. What is priority queue?
8. What is wrapper class and what are it's usage?
9. What are the difference between Synchronized and concurrent HashMap?
10. What are the differences between procedures and functions?
11. What is left outer join?
12. What are the types of external joins?

Third Round - Managerial Round.
Interviewer - Senior  Manager
Mode - Microsoft Teams(Video Conference)  
Day - (I+7)

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What is abstraction?
3. What is multiple inheritance?
4. What is diamond problem in multiple inheritance and how to avoid that?
5. What is JIT Compiler?
6. How many types of class loaders are there?
7. What is the default value of local static variable?
8. What is the default value of static and instance variables?
9. What is package and why is it used?
10. What is virtual method in java?
11. What is multitasking and multithreading?
12. What is restful webservices and how did you use it?
13. How do you rate yourself in sql/plsql
14. What is trigger and Views?
15. Difference between simple and complex views?
16. What are joins? what are the types of joins?
17. How do you tune your sql with database?
18. Fourth Round - With Director or VC.

Fourth Round.
Interviewer - Senior Director
Day - (I+11).

1. Which company you are currently you are working in?
2. What are the things you have worked on in java technology?
3. How heavily are you involved in writing PLSQL  Queries as You are basically Java Developer?
4. How do you trouble shoot your problem?
5. What kind of work do you do on daily basis? Explain each and everything.
6. What are the tools you used in your work for various purpose?
7. Explain the flow when somebody hits enter button on browser then how it flows to back-end and interacts with database and how it returns the result to the browser again?
8. Are you aware about Java Script? Have you worked on it?
9. How long will you take to learn Java Script?
10. How open you are in learning new technology?
11. In which category you keep yourself, java developer or plsql developer?

Joining - (I+22)


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