Bridgei2i Java Interview

Experience - 3 Years.
Date - May 2019.
Location - Bangalore.

1st Round - Face 2 Face.
  1. What are opps Explain briefly.
  2. What are static blocks?
  3. static block,instance block,static variable,instance variable,accessibility from one to other.
  4. {12,45,9,98} int array given,find the maximum possible number with the digits of all the num.
  5. Reverse the string ,not using characters,but string.
  6. String str=”abcbca” find the char which repeats first.
  7. “[]{}()” balanced string,”{[}]” imbalanced string.code to find whether it’s balanced or not.
  8. String class matches method.
  9. internal implementation of hashmap.
  10. find the 5th highest salary from employee table.
  11. What is session in spring.
  12. What is dependency injection?
  13. What are the data structure you are aware about like tree,stack,queue.
  14. How to contact with Hibernate through spring?
  15. What is dialect?
  16. What are design patterns you are aware about?What is singleton design pattern?
  17. Explain spring mvc.
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