Ericsson Java Interview Questions.

Experience - 3 Years.
Date - May 2018.
Location - Bangalore.
1st Technical Round
  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Briefly explain your last project?
  3. Latest project client name and short description of client.
  4. Current company?
  5. Payroll company?
  6. What is jdk, jvm and jre?
  7. Can we override static method?
  8. Can we overload static method with instance method? if yes then how to invoke those individual methods?
  9. Does the return type matters in overloading?
  10. Does the return type matters in overriding?
  11. Which will execute first constructor or static block?
  12. Version of jdk used?
  13. Version of jboss?
  14. Version of jsp?
  15. Struts version used in your project?
  16. Write code to print
          2 3    
          4 5
          1st by using for loop using variable, Explain the code bit by bit to required output.
          2nd by using two dimensional array,Explain the code bit by bit to required output. 
          Change the row into column and vice versa by making the minimal changes written in 
          above code.
     17. Which UI you used in your project?

2nd Technical/Project Round.(Same day)
  1. Draw the project architecture.
  2. How to establish communication between two module e.g. admin module and manager module?
  3. Which Build tool you used in your project?
  4. What is actually maven, why do we use it?
  5. In which file we write dependencies in maven project?
  6. From where does maven downloads jars and where does it store?
  7. What is junit?
  8. What we have to do to make a class and method to come in action for junit testing?
  9. From @Test method we are calling another method of different class, then do we need to annotate that method or class as well or is it not possible?
  10. What is GIT?
  11. What do you mean by the term “MOCK”?
  12. What is static variable and why do we need to use it?
  13. Draw the complete collection framework hierarchy?
  14. Difference between Array List and Linked  List?
  15. Difference between Set and List?
  16. Which collection did you use in your project and why?
  17. How set is rejecting duplicate elements, explain with an example.
  18. What is basically difference between == operator and equals method?
  19. What is the meaning of thread safety?
  20. In how many ways we can use synchronized keyword?
  21. Two synchronized static methods are there in a same class, 1st thread has called 1st static method now can 2nd thread call 2nd static method at the same moment?
  22. What is difference between static synchronized and instance synchronized context?
  23. Write a program to reverse a number?
  24. How many types of exceptions are there?
  25. How to create user defined compile time exceptions and run time exceptions classes? Write the exact code for the above.
  26. Can we handle run time exceptions?
  27. Write the code to handle run time exceptions?
  28. How to avoid the exceptions? Explain with code.
  29. If we have not written handler, who will handle the exceptions?
  30. What is difference between SOAP and REST?
  31. Comparison of == operator and equals method in this scenario .In context             
                String str1=new String (“HI”);
                String str2=new String (“HI”);

3rd  Architect/Managerial Round(Same day).
  1. What is Agile?
  2. What is Sprint?
  3. Why we are using Agile?
  4. Why are you leaving previous company?
  5. Why Ericsson?
  6. What are you looking for in this job?
  7. Current CTC, Expected CTC?
  8. Whom you were reporting?
  9. To whom your team lead was reporting?
  10. Do you have any queries regarding this job?
  11. At which designation you find suitable in this organization?
  12. We are working on agile, so do you find comfortable in this development methodology?
  13. Difference between waterfall and agile?
  14. Notice Period?

4th Round - HR Round

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