Happiest Mind Java Interview Questions.

Experience - 3 years.
Date - May 2019.
Location - Bangalore.

First Round Face 2 Face.
  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Your roles and responsibility in your projects.
  3. What is difference between encapsulation and abstraction?
  4. Difference between overriding and overloading.
  5. Types of exceptions.
  6. How to create user defined exceptions.
  7. What is string constant pool.
  8. Difference between hashmap and hashtable.
  9. Difference between pick ,poll and remove of Queue interface.
  10. What is concurrent hashmap.
  11. We have hashmap ,how to sort it’s key using treemap?
  12. Write the producer consumer problem to print even odd numbers.
  13. Difference between java 7 and java 8.
  14. What is functional interface and marker interface in java 8.
  15. How to use synchronization?
  16. Which one synchronization should be used class level or method level or local block level?
  17. If return statement is written in try block and we have finally block also so will finally block execute?
  18. Inside run method we have infinite while loop like while(true)s.o.p.(“Thread A”) and after a.start() in main method we have one s.o.p so will it execute?
  19. Do we have any way to convert hashmap to concurrent hashmap?
  20. If we have many variable in class ,but I don’t want to serialize few variables what to do?
  21. What is the use of volatile keyword.
  22. write the code to shift the element of an array at particular index.
  23. Difference between Sleep and wait.
  24. Difference between timed-waiting and waiting state.
  25. What is serializable interface?
  26. Difference between HashMap and LinkedHashMap.
  27. How to get database connection in jdbc.
  28. What are the spring modules?
  29. Singleton & Prototype design pattern explanation.
  30. Component-Scan annotation functionality.
  31. What is difference between dependency injection and IOC?
  32. What is the use of @Transactional annotation in spring.
  33. Explain spring mvc.
  34. Write the code to perform inner join operation on Employee table and Department Table.
  35. Write the query for performing left outer join operation on the above same table.
  36. How to achieve auto_increment in Oracle database?
  37. How to declare variable in Stored Procedure?
  38. How to break singleton?
  39. How many design pattern you are aware about?
  40. How to post the data in webservices?
  41. Can we write private method in subclass while overriding.
  42. Can we pass parameter in URL while producing the data as we can in consuming ?
  43. What is the way to write the method in rest to consume or produce the data?
  44. Write the code to find the highest element in array elements.o(1)
     1. How was the interviewer?
     2. What are the technology he touched during interview?
     3. How do your rate him in java technology? 

Next Round (Client Round).

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