IBM Java Interview Questions.

Experience - 3 Years.
Date - May 2018.
Location - Bangalore.

  1. How did you ensure security in your project?
  2. Can we reduce the accessibility of method in subclass while overriding?
  3. Java is 100% object oriented or not?
  4. Can we serialize static variable?
  5. Why local variable does not have default value while instance variable has?
  6. What is json?
  7. What are java8 features?
  8. Which interface of collection is used to store key and value pair?
  9. Can we override finalize method?
  10. Extension of spring configuration file?
Face 2 Face
  1. How do you rate yourself in Core Java, Hibernate?
  2. How to do a fund transfer from A to B using spring? How to implement transaction to make a fund transfer? Write the complete code.
  3. How to use Hibernate Template?
  4. What is DAO and why are we using DAO?
  5. What is run time polymorphism?
  6. How Run time polymorphism is in effect in DAO implementation.

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