Wipro Bangalore Java Interview Questions.

Company - Wipro Electronic City.
Mode - Telephonic.
Date -  April 2020

1. Tell me about Yourself.
2. Difference between Composition, Aggregation, Association.
3. What is Polymorphism, how have you used polymorphism in your project?
4. What is Prime Number? Tell me the complete logic with code for prime number.
5. Hierarchy of Exception.
6. How to create custom exception?
7. Difference between throw & throws?
8. Can we write try block without catch and finally? Give the justification.
9. Can we write multiple exception in same catch, if yes then how?
10. Difference between Array & ArrayList, If Array was there why ArrayList was introduced?
11. What is Hashing Technique?
12. How to create singlyLinked List?
13. Internal implementation of Hashmap, Hashset?
14. How to make List & Map synchronised?
15. Why String is Immutable?
16. How to create Immutable class?
17. What is dependency Injection?
18. Spring Bean Life Cycle?
19. Hibernate core interfaces?
20. Explain the code to interact with DB?
21. Difference between get & Load methods?
22. Tell me the code to write inner join.
23. Tell me code that uses Group By Clause?
24. Explain Hibernate Life Cycle.


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