PWC Bangalore Java Interview Questions Asked.

Mode - Hangout Video Conference.
Date - April 2020
Exp - (3+)

1. Where do you belong from?
2. Tell me something about your responsibility in the last project?
3. What is the last work you did in your project?
4. What is the last enhancement you made in last project?
5. What is oops and it's features?
6. Explain polymorphism.
7. Where did you override and overload the methods in your project?
8. How did you handle the customized exception?
9. Difference between Compile time and runtime exception?
10. Where did you use clone method and why ?
11. Have you used threading concept in your work?
12. What about collection? Which collection you used in your project? Where to use ArrayList and where to use Set and Map?
13. Do we need to override hashcode and equals method? Where did you override equals method?
14. What is spring framework, Difference between Spring & Spring MVC?
15. How to write configuration in Hibernate?
16. How do you access the data from database via Hibernate Code?
17. What about Web Services?
18. What is encapsulation?
19. Can an abstract class exist without any abstract method? If yes then what's the use of such abstract class? Where did you use such class and why?


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