Persistent System & Intuit Java Interview Questions Asked.

January - 2020
3 Yrs Experience.

1st Round - Technical.(Thursday - I Day )
  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How do you rate yourself in java, database, spring, hibernate, REST?
  3. Are you in position to write the (code)things that you have mentioned in your resume as responsibility?
  4. What is Overloading & Overriding? Explain it on verbally first then on the board with code examples related to your project.
  5. Are you aware about threads? How to create thread with different approaches? Are you familiar about Executors and ExecutorService in java?
  6. There is Dataset  ("1","a"),("2","b"),("3","c"),("4","c") and we have HashSet and LinkedHashSet then how these data will be stored in these two collection, He meant to ask the order of data to be added in the collection.
  7. What are the things you have done in your project related to spring?
  8. How do you implement Transaction in spring, write the complete details of @Transactional annotation?
  9. Have you written Junit in your project?
  10. What do we need to do to enable annotations in spring?
  11. Explain the directory structure of Tomcat Server, where does your application stays?
  12. What are the things you have done in your project related to Hibernate Technology?
  13. What are the all annotations you used in Spring,  Write those on board.
  14. Write the SQL for creating the table in oracle database.
  15. Write the SQL for inserting the data in table when we need to insert the data for few columns only.
  16. How did you write the code of RESTful webservices, Explain on the board just with Annotations complete details.
  17. Difference between RequestBody and ResponseBody annotations in REST.
  18. Do you know all the git commands?
  19. Difference between Primary key and Unique Key.
  20. Why are you leaving the previous organization?
2nd Round Technical - Thursday(I day)
  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How do your rate yourself in java?
  3. What is overloading and overriding?
  4. What are the OOPS, Explain it's four pillars and relate it to your project work?
  5. Write the java code to find second highest number.
  6. Write the SQL code to find the second highest salary.
  7. What is join , Explain left outer join.
  8. What kind of work you are looking for?
  9. How Immediately you can join us?
  10. Why are you leaving previous organization?
  11. What's your salary expectations?
3rd Round - Client Round(With Intuit), Tuesday(I+3 day)
  1. Tell me something about yourself?
  2. How do your rate yourself in java?
  3. Give us the overview of last project.
  4. Explain OOPS and it's all four pillars in complete detail as much you want and keep relating it to your project work.
  5. What is overloading and overriding?
  6. Can we have different return type in overloading?
  7. Explain the methods you have overridden in your projects.
  8. Explain the methods you have overloaded in your projects.
  9. Internal Implementation of HashMap. Take three data and explain bit by bit how java will add these three data to HashMap. ("Manish",9988),("Vishwanath","8798"), ("Rohan",8891).
  10. How to create thread, how many approaches are there to create threads, which one is preferred and why?
  11. What is Executors and ExecutorService.
  12. Difference between thread and process.
  13. Write the complete code to create the thread that should execute.
  14. Where have you used threading concepts in your projects?
  15. Explain Collection framework at your own level from very beginning, Why it came in java?
  16. It is true that in all collection we can add heterogeneous elements? He expects from you to speak about TreeSet and TreeMap.
  17. What is the internal implementation of toString() and equals method of Object class?
  18. Does String class override toString method of Object class?
  19. Discussion on Comparable and Comparator in context of TreeSet and TreeMap. Need of Comparator if Comparable is already there.
  20. If method in super class is throwing some checked exception then what kind of exception a overriding method can throw in subclass and explain the why?
  21. Why are you leaving previous organization?
4th Round - HR Round With Persistent.(Tuesday- I+3 day)
  1. Current CTC?
  2. Expected CTC figure?
  3. Enquiry about engineering college experience and location , any backlogs etc?
  4. Tell me about your family, who are there and their professions?
  5. How were you getting work on daily basis?
  6. Did you try to get any extra certifications on different skills?
  7. What kind of work you were doing in previous company?
  8. Full form of your company name, Where is it?
  9. What was the notice period in your company?
  10. How were you getting salary?
  11. Can you provide us all the documents such as offer letter, hike letter, salary slip, bank statement, experience letter?
  12. Why are you  leaving previous company?
  13. How sooner you can join us?
5th Round - Managerial Round with Intuit.(Tuesday - I+3 day)
  1. Overview of your project's clients?
  2. Why are you leaving your previous company?
  3. Give us the overview of your previous employer?
  4. What kind of passion you have in your profession?
  5. How challenging you are?
  6. How do you rate yourself in java and database? out of 10.
  7. we have few nodes of linkedlist and we want to count how many nodes are there , here is the code, see and tell this code is fine or not to tell the no of counts of nodes.

                  int count=0;
                  int countNode(){
                  while (node!=null){
Candidate Joined - On I+5 Day.


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