Learning Java For Interview Purpose. Day - 1

Challenges Of Software Industries.
In software industry these are the major challenges that enterprises face constantly.
  1. Response/Execution time of software.
  2. Data Source.
  3. Human Resource.
The Enterprise can reduce the response/execution time with the invent of new technology or enhancement in the existing technology, they can set up new data centers and manage huge amount of data. These are one time expense or at least not so frequent expenses.

But the biggest challenge for them are the human resources i.e. Skilled Employees.

A business pays salary to employees on regular basis so it's is regular expenses of company that companies have to spend.

Employees or skilled humans rare species on this planet possessing sense and intelligence so they are supposed to do logical & intelligent tasks only but not the boringly repetitive task that does not demands human intelligence.

But in industry many tasks are repetitive so these are not supposed to be done by humans since humans are very expensive.

Our concern is how to minimize the expenses of companies by deploying their skilled employees in logical and intelligent tasks by automating the repetitive tasks through machines.

Summary : As a good software engineer one should develop the tendency to automate the repetitive task instead of corroding the creativity and intelligence in doing repetitively unintelligible and boring task.

This attitude can minimize the expenses on employees and at the same time it can maximize the creativity of human by deploying themselves into intelligible task.


  1. What a wonderful way to begin the subject matter.

    1. Thanks alot for appreciation. It encourages us to work harder on it.


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