Hibernate Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions.

Why hibernate? what are it's features?

What are the core Hibernate Interfaces?

How does Hibernate interact with Database?

What is Dialect?

What is the difference between get and load method?

Difference between Eager and Lazy Loading.

Explain Hibernate Mapping File & Hibernate Configuration File.

How many types of objects are there in Hibernate?

What kind of cloning does Hibernate uses?
Answer: Deep Cloning.
In Hibernate we can use Hibernate3BeanReplicator.
Customer cust=custDa0.getCustomerById(1);
Hibernate3BeanReplicator replicator=new Hibernate3BeanReplicator();
Customer custCopy=replicator.deepCopy(cust);

Association Mapping.

What is caching concept in hibernate?

Explain Hibernate Life Cycle.


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